Monday, 3 May 2010

Rock On

Saturday was an absolute blast. The music was amazing. From acoustic to metal,folk to funk, blues to boogie (or something else beginning with B but you get my drift).
I managed to make it from noon to 10pm then staggered home.
Best thing is NO HANGOVER!!! Bonus or what?

Friday, 30 April 2010

Music Man

Its been a hectic week. Last week of the month and trying to complete as much as possible to keep turnover at a decent level.
The trouble with this time of year is that there is a bank holiday every other week. nice to have time off but crap for business.

So here we are at another long weekend. This one I am looking forward to though.
Theres a big celebration of live music in my hometown tomorrow (Saturday).

I'm a big fan of live music, especially in small venues and am a big suppporter of local bands. you can keep your big divas in big arenas thanks. Put me in a pub with a few guys who know how to rock plus copious amounts of ale and I am in my element.

Tomorrow there are loads of bands in loads of boozers all in the town centre. The fun starts at midday and ends in the early hours of sunday.

And I am going to get totally pissed!!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend as much as I intend to.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Let Down

Well Topless Tuesday was a complete flop with no enthusiasm from anyone. Perhaps todays scheduled activities should be cancelled due to lack of interest or inspiration. I cant say the rest of the week looks too bright either.
To think I bared my body for you all as well. Shame on you.

On a happier note (for me anyway) I'm off to a party on Saturday. You lot arent invited. Not after that lacklustre response.
No. I'm sorry. You had your chance. I'm going on my own now. You should have thought of that earlier. I shall have a great time, sinking countless Bacardi and Tizers and flirting outrageously with all the women before staggering home in the wee small hours.
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Topless Tuesday

Welcome one and all to our new global phenomenon- TOPLESS TUESDAY!!! (fanfare)
Ive decided to get the ball rolling with a cheeky glimpse of my left nipple.
The guys at work are all wondering why I lifted my shirt up and took a photo with my phone. The customer who walked in also seemed surprised.
Lets get this thing going folks.
If you think this is ott tomorrow should be pretty interesting.

Monday, 12 April 2010

HNT. The sequel

Its nice to have cleared up the HNT thing and am feeling quite chuffed that one of our friends in the States didnt know what it meant either as I'm usually the last person to find out about anything.
To be honest though, half naked Thursday is a bit of a copout.
How about Topless Tuesday? Its more exciting and it comes before Thursday too.

Remember you read it here first. Tits out for the lads(and lasses) every Tuesday.
Weekdays have never been such fun.Come to think of it, why not have fun all week?
Muff Monday
Topless Tuesday
Wankers Wednesday (theres a football fact there as well)
HNT (that sounds quite drab now)
Full frontal Friday.

Thats the weekdays sorted. We can make our own entertainment at the weekend.
Enjoy everyone.

Friday, 9 April 2010

That Friday Feeling

Ok. I admit that I'm a bit of an old duffer compared to some of you out there but I was really confused yesterday having read a couple of blogs with mildly provocative photos accompanied by the letters HNT.

I thought it must be a reference to some kind of hormone therapy but that didnt really seem right and after racking my brains for a whole 45 seconds I mailed Doris to ask her if she knew what it meant. Apparently its some strange phenomenon over in the States called Half Nekked Thursday???? (yeah i know).

I'm sharing this info in case there are any more confused geriatrics like me out there who are wondering if they are missing out on something.

To our friends over the pond I can reveal the closest thing we have to HNT is "Tits out for the lads" which is always a possibility on a Friday night in town. Like a poor mans Mardi Gras I suppose.

I was also looking at all these blogs I follow. Most of them are very well produced with photos and stuff and I got to thinking maybe I should get some professionalism into my rather basic blog.

And then I thought "Bollocks. I cant be arsed" so you'll all just have to put up with it as it is.

I hope you all have a good weekend and if youre out tonight dont forget "Tits out for the lads". After all, you might make an old man happy. Well this old man anyway.
Personally I intend to get totally bladdered.

Have fun everyone.

Monday, 5 April 2010


I now have 10 followers. Double figures!!
Thanks to you all.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

An Unexpected Bonus

One thing I didnt expect to find when I joined IE was a platonic female friend.

I started chatting to Doris (obviously not her real name and she will wring my sorry neck if she reads this) about a year ago. We got on famously and made each other laugh. There wasnt a spark sexually though but we carried on chatting and became good friends.

We have met a few times for coffee and a chat and email or text each other most days. Doris is a great listener and is invaluable as someone I can talk openly to about my extra marital affairs. She has given me some useful advice regarding the workings of the female psyche and I have returned the favour by explaining how men think and why a lot of them appear to be thoughtless, selfish, insensitive pigs.
The answer of course is that a lot of them ARE thoughtless, selfish, insensitive pigs but it needed a man to explain it.

Anyway, she has become a true friend and confidante. Its so good to know that we can discuss our secrets with someone who will give solid advice.
Thanks Doris. xx

Saturday, 3 April 2010

liar liar

My venerated fellow blogger, Blog on the Land, commented in his latest entry about many profiles on IE being hypocritical by claiming to be honest, trustworthy etc or looking for someone with those attributes.

This merely touches on a wide range of similar things I have noted whilst on the site. I cant really comment much on mens profiles as I am not inclined to read them but I have perused a lot of ladies' profiles and see a lot of similarities between them.

As my mate Blog noted, many women seek someone who is honest. Well excuse me but look at the site then take a look in the mirror.
Running closely alongside and probably even more prolific is the claim "I am not looking for a one night stand, just one special person to spend special times with"
Yeah.Right. Ok, when you first joined the site having made the decision to actively seek an extra marital relationship your fantasy was to have a lover who would be the opposite of your spouse. Someone attentive, sensual, caring etc. After a short time, however, your inbox was full of messages from would be suitors. Why have one when you can have them all? How would you know which was right without meeting them all first?

The thing is that its ok to do that. Its natural. Its what men do too. Its just a bit galling when somebody tries to take the moral high ground whilst cheating and lying themselves. It also means we all have to play these silly games pretending that we dont have contact with anyone else when getting to know each other. You'd think we were all teenagers rather than mature adults.
There are very few profiles which admit that they are being neglected by their partners and need a good shag.

Wow! two rants in as many days! Thats what bank holiday weekends do to a man.

Happy Easter by the way.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Officer Anton

It was quite a while before Michelle and I got together again. It was an hour and a quarter's drive to her neck of the woods. She didnt drive so we couldnt meet half way. With us both working it made things difficult too. We were in touch daily however and this is something that a lot of men would do well to make a note of.

Some of you guys out there have a tendency to lose interest once youve made a conquest. You're keen, attentive and charming with the ladies at first. Having bedded them, however, you completely ignore them. Youve got yourself laid, eased your frustrations and although you want to meet again sometime for a repeat performance you cease contact. You brainless fuckwits! Bet you wonder why, when you get in touch again weeks later, they tell you to go fuck yourself cos you certainly arent getting anything from them.

Most women like to feel wanted. A simple text saying "Hi. Thinking about you xxx" makes her feel good about herself. Desirable. Attractive. When you want to meet again she is raring to go. A simple text or email takes no effort really so get your acts together.

If you stop contacting her immediately after having had sex it makes her feel used, unwanted and cheap. Show some respect. God knows they deserve it if youve had a good time together. They deserve it anyway. I text and email my female acquaintances on a daily basis. Not in a cynical, manipulative way but because i do care about them and how they feel. It takes seconds to send a text but it can do a lot for you both. I know I love to receive texts from my girlfriends. It makes me feel wanted too.

Of course, if you cant be bothered to make the effort it gives guys like me a better chance so who am I to complain?

More about Michelle and our antics next time.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

and then....

Michelle went into the bathroom as soon as we entered the room. I relaxed as best I could and sat at the desk and waited. We had discussed a storyline over the last few weeks so there was a loose script to follow.

The scenario was that Michelle had been sent to the headmaster by her teacher as her work had become sub-standard and it was thought that she was being too easily distracted by her new found interest in boys who gave her a lot of attention.

There was a knock on the bathroom door. That was our cue.

"Come in... Ah Michelle. We need to have a chat about your work."

Michelle looked amazing. Tiny short skirt, fishnets, tight white blouse with her huge tits straining to get out, a loosely tied tie, slutty make-up and her hair in bunches. Straight out of St. Trinians.

I started to lecture her about her work and attitude and mentioned that her teacher thought she showed too much interest in boys. She replied in a wonderfully petulant teenage whine that her teacher was a jealous cow and that it was the boys who were interested in her, not the other way round. She wasnt interested in boys, she wanted a man.
I was sitting and she stood. She came up to me and thrust her magnificent cleavage inches from my face and said. "...and youre the man I want."

I struggled briefly to keep to the script having an overwhelming urge to just jump on the girl but I composed myself and as agreed, feined shock and horror at her advances. After some seduction on her part and protestation on mine I eventually told her that if she was totally serious I might make her my "special pupil" and give her some extra-curricular lessons.

First, however, she must be punished for her behaviour. I made her bend over the desk, yanked down her panties and gave her a good hard spanking. She loved it. She was very submissive and loved being treated badly. I told her to strip and tied her hands behind her back with her school tie, then made her kneel and fellate me. She was very skilled at this and I had her sucking me at every opportunity as oral is a particular favourite of mine.

From thereon the whole thing was just a mind boggling lust fest. We did everything imaginable in those 2 or 3 hours together. She enjoyed being punished, begging me to spank her ass, tits, clit even. When she came she was very vocal, letting out a high pitched squeal which could probably be heard in the hotel reception. I did find a way of muffling the sound though. I'll let you use your imaginations on how.

The most vivid memory for was of me fucking her doggy style, pulling her hair and calling her every filthy name I could think of as she squealed away with abandon.

After we were spent we laid for some time cuddling and kissing and making small talk.

Driving home later, I could hardly concentrate on the road as images of that afternoon flashed through my head. It had been truly amazing. My first time in roleplay and the kinkiest girl I had ever met.

Monday, 1 March 2010


Just to say sorry to all(3) of my devoted followers for not having posted anything for some time and especially for keeping you waiting for the sordid details of my encounter with Michelle.
Theres a lot going on in my life at the moment and I simply havent had time to do this. Please be patient.

Friday, 22 January 2010

A Site for Sore Eyes

So back to my trusty virtual steed IE. Over the next few weeks I chatted to a number of women but didnt really hit it off with any of them.
One lady I really fancied was Sandy from Lincolnshire. We mailed each other regularly and got on famously. The only drawback being that it was almost impossible for her to get away to meet me. Her husband worked from home. She only mailed me through her works email address and was nervous about texting as hubby examined phone and bills regularly. Well you couldnt say he had no reason to distrust her.
Eventually it fizzled out as it became apparent that a meeting once a blue moon was the best case scenario. Shame really. She was very attractive with a real touch of class but very open and down to earth with it.
Having given up on Sandy IE came up trumps again with a girl by the name of Michelle. Michelle did wonders for my ego straight away. She was(and still is) twenty years younger than me. Twenty! There wasnt a doorway I could fit my head through.
Michelle was a fairly big girl with a very pretty face and long, light brown hair. She lived in Hull and was married with a young son. The boy was, she said, the only reason she was still with her husband. We chatted and texted each other for about a week before we met. I drove over to Hull and met her in a pub one lunchtime. She looked really nice and was witty and intelligent. Its a well known fact(according to women) that men are useless at reading the subtle signals that women put out when they want to, well, put out. For once I could see the wood, the trees and even the leaves. Her body language was clear. The way she played with her hair, her body turned towards me and the smouldering look in her eyes made it clear she really fancied me. I am still bewildered as to why any woman would find me attractive so was utterly bamboozled that a lovely young woman like her would give me a second glance.
After a couple of hours we parted with a kiss and a glint in our eyes. The chatting became more flirtatious, then sexy and eventually steaming. It turned out she was into role play. She suggested a few scenarios we might try. A naughty schoolgirl sent to the headmaster. A saucy secretary and her boss. I composed a short story about the schoolgirl fantasy and her response was one of huge excitement. The more we talked the raunchier the fantasies became and we were now desperate to act them out.
It was probably about five or six weeks until we could arrange an afternoon together and by then we were bursting with lust for one another.
I booked an hotel and drove over to Hull and met her in a pub. She was clearly nervous and knocked back a few vodkas. I felt she may be having second thoughts but she insisted she was fine and just needed a drink or two to relax her.
Soon afterwards we checked into the hotel and made our way into our room which was going to be the headmasters study for the next hour or two.
I'll keep you hanging on there readers and let you simmer until next time.
Hope you all have a good weekend.

Mr. Popularity

Ive got two followers now. TWO!! Theres another too I think but he isnt showing his face as a follower yet. He kindly mentioned me on his blog though.
Ah. Me public...

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Would you like a flake with that?

I have to say that IE is the best site I have tried. More genuine responses than any other site I have been on. I decided that my profile wasnt all it could be and seemed a bit dull. I changed it completely by making it amusing and light hearted. It worked. It really is true that women are attracted to men who make them laugh. The responses increased dramatically. Admittedly some of them were from women from the other end of the country not wanting to chat but thanking me for making them laugh. It was nice of them and it did my ego no harm. There were other, more interested parties though.
One in particular was Cassie. Cassie was a real enigma. She was very cautious. No photos on her profile. She described herself to me and assured me I wouldnt be disappointed if we eventually met. She lived in West Yorkshire and was another wife who's husband worked away during the week and was bored out of her mind.
We chatted online for some weeks but I found it difficult to work out her personality. One day she was flirty and chatty, the next she was abrupt and reticent. This just made me more curious and I really wanted to meet her and see what she was like. I was patient and didnt try to push things along too much and allow her to decide when she was ready. Eventually we made a date to go for a drink. I picked her up a little way from her home (she didnt drive) and we drove to a pub a few miles away. She was right about her looks. She was stunning. Slim, very attractive and nicely dressed. I was well impressed.
I had a tonic water as I was driving. She ordered a bottle of wine. Within the hour the bottle was empty and she downed another two glasses before we left. I'm pretty sure she had had a drink before we met too. The pub was fairly busy for a lunchtime. Before she had consumed much I had already made my mind up the woman was a flake. She was totally self absorbed. I dont recall her asking me anything about myself, she just harped on about how boring her hubby was and how great she was. Cassie then told me, quite loudly, what she would want if we started an affair.
"I want you to tie me to the bed and spank me. I'll give you the best blowjob you ever had. Then fuck me doggy style. I'll be a slut for you. You will never get as good as me".
Great! But half the bloody pub could hear her. The people going into the funeral tea in the room next door certainly didnt seem impressed.
A vision entered my head. Its 3am and my mobile rings waking the wife and I. on the other end is a ranting alcaholic woman demanding I come round immediately to give her a good seeing to as my wife demands to know who the hell is the women screaming down the phone at me.
It did cross my mind to do a runner but, ever the gentleman, I convinced her that another Pinot Grigio was not the best of ideas and led her out of the pub. I could see the looks on some of the peoples faces as we left. Women were looking daggers. Men were grinning. one winked as if to say "you lucky bastard" but I didnt feel lucky. She staggered to the car and I drove her to the end of her street and watched her lurch towards her door. Along the way she was rubbing me up and saying we would meet again soon for a fuck (her words).
This was a Friday. Cassie never made contact at weekends as her husband was home. On the Monday I got an email from her. "Thanks for the drink on Friday but I dont think you are really my type. I hope you find someone else. Hope you arent too upset. I think its for the best."
Upset? I was elated! I'd been worrying all weekend about how I was going to break off contact without any fall-out. She had made my day. I mailed back to say how disappointed I was and that I would eventually get over it.
So back to IE to see if I could find someone sane and sober. They could still be a slut though....

Life in Technicolor

What a surprise to get up (late) this morning and see the world has got some colour back. The grass in the garden looks such a vivid green. God, I was so sick of the snow and ice.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

A New Site

It was a shame about Helen as i really liked her bubbly personality. We did chat a couple of times but that was all.
Things were hectic at work so I didnt really go looking for anything for a few months. When I got round to actively looking online again I joined a site called Illicit Encounters. No doubt many will be familiar with it. The main differences with this site compared to others i had been on was that this was designed for married people actively seeking an affair and there was more parity with the numbers of males and females. The main drawback was the cost. £119 pounds a month for men. Free for women though. Blatant sexual discrimination.
I created my profile, robbed a post office and paid my membership. I was pleased and surprised by the number of messages I very soon received from genuine people. I was soon chatting to three or four women on a regular basis.
The first meet I had from this site was Linda. She was a real rock chick, petite and cute with the coolest tattoo on her back. We shared a love of music and got on really well. We met in Rotherham for coffee and the time just flew by. We had a passionate snog and I left with a good feeling about her. We met again two or three weeks later and it seemed good again. I had a feeling that she was holding back a little though and asked her what the problem was. She admitted that she was finding it difficult to take the next step as she felt guilty about being unfaithful. Her husband worked away during the week. I think she felt lonely and bored and wanted some attention when he was away but now that the chance had arrived she couldnt do it. Then again, perhaps she already had six blokes on the go and couldnt fit me in (pardon the pun). Anyway, we parted on good terms.
A little disappointing but shortly afterwards I got chatting to Josie from south yorks. She was a part time hotel receptionist which I thought might be useful. It wasnt. Her husband worked away during the week too. After chatting and texting a while we resolved to meet for coffee. I asked her to suggest somewhere and she suggested I go to her house. I was a little unsure about this. Hotels are anonymous and on neutral territory and the last thing I needed was to be thrown from a first floor bedroom window by an outraged spouse who had returned home early in the week. After talking it over and receiving many assurances I decided to go. After all it was just for coffee and a chat to see how we got on face to face.
I got to her place at 1pm. We were in her bedroom tearing each others clothes off at 1.05. We snogged each others faces off as we undressed. No ceremony here, just getting our hands on each other asap. She wrenched my stiff cock out and pushed me onto the bed. She devoured me hungrily. It was obvious that she was horny and frustrated and couldnt take things slowly even if she wanted to. After fellating me for a while I took over in a bid to ease her frustration. I didnt take it slow either as I could tell she needed release. Her panties were wet through. I pulled them off, pushed her legs apart and buried my face in her. She came quite quickly. I had to stop myself laughing as she orgasmed as she kept putting her hand over her mouth so I wouldnt hear her colourful language. By colourful I mean blue. I think she came four or five times and by then I was in fits of laughter. I explained to her that she could swear with abandon for all I cared and that I actually found it quite a turn on but still she covered her mouth. The result was something like:-
"Oh my god. Oh god yes. Oh fffggssssit baasstd its fffmmmng ftastic. Suck my clmmm. Oh fmmmmng Jesus Christ! Oh yes. Yes. Fugmmmm ellmmm"
It ended with us in the missionary position. Calmer now we fucked long and slow. It seemed to last for hours and felt fantastic.
We did eventually get round to having coffee and a chat. A couple of weeks later we arranged to meet again. The day before the date I got a text. Her hubby had found her "secret phone" and read all the mesasages. I'm in no doubt that there plenty from men besides me. I never heard from her again. I kept an eye on the local news for any crimes of passion but nothing, thankfully. To be honest it didnt bother me too much. We had both got together because we were sex starved and frustrated and helped each other out. I dont think we had much in common really.
So it was back to IE. I wonder who's online today?

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

down memory lane

I got into a discussion with my son about nostalgia. Personally I'm not one for living in the past. I despair of people whose musical tastes end in the year they reach thirty. Anything after that is deemed rubbish. Idiots.
We all tend to have fond memories of something though. I laugh at my sons who wear T-shirts with Dangermouse on. All the fuss about Woolworths going bust last year made me realise that the only time I liked going in that place was when they sold loose, broken biscuits by the pound and tested lightbulbs individually when you bought them. So I wont miss the place. Now wheres that 70's compilation cd?
This interlude was brought to you by "It Was Better in My Day" Productions Ltd.
Anton's depraved recent past will be resumed shortly.
Thank you.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

once is never enough

I met Lynne twice more at her flat. The sex was great. The flat was even scruffier.
After our last meeting it was obvious that we were meeting purely for sex. Other than that we had nothing in common. Nothing at all. We both knew it and I think we also knew that we both needed more than that. Not a relationship as such but a friendship beyond the sex. Lynne told me she had been chatting to a divorcee on a dating site and that he wanted to meet. I dont really know why she felt she needed my approval but I was happy for her. She lived alone and needed a companion, not a three hour sex session every few weeks. Now that the pent up frustration in me had been(at least partly)satisfied I was happy to call it a day.
It was probably six weeks later that I got chatting to Helen on the site. It was very flirty from the off. Within a few days we were chatting on the phone. Helen was great. A bubbly, warm personality with a great soh. We flirted on the phone at lunchtimes whenever we were both free. She laughed loudly at my jokes(what an actress) and got on tremendously. We soon resolved to meet. Helen lived in Liverpool so we decided to meet at a services on the M62. I joked that if we got on well we could go to the Travelodge at the services. She said "I cant believe I'm saying this but why dont you book the room now". I took that as a huge compliment.
Helen was recently divorced and looking back I think she wanted to be a bit naughty and make up for some unhappy years of marriage.
We met a couple of days later. We had a light lunch, NOT at the services but at a nice little pub nearby. Then we checked into our room. The room was bloody freezing! The heating had been turned off. So we chatted and cuddled and joked about it until things had warmed up.
Helen was definitely on the cuddly side but attractive with a nice smile and a wicked glint in her eye. We undressed and dived under the bedclothes as it was still chilly in the room. We kissed and fondled one another. She had ample boobs and the most enormous nipples! I couldnt leave them alone which was fine by her. They got loads of attention from fingers, mouth and tongue. I was also pleased when my hand wandered downwards to find a silky smooth pussy that was nice and wet when i slipped a finger between her lips. Her legs parted wide as i explored her. After a minute or two she came to my touch as I sucked on those fabulous teats. I slid down the bed, tracing my path with kisses over her tummy until i reached my goal.
Her pussy was a delight. Pink and glistening, it just begged for attention. I parted her lips and my tongue traced a path slowly around her inner petals. Lightly at first then a little firmer. I thrust my tongue inside her and heard her moan. The moans became louder as i massaged her clit with my tongue. Louder still when i slipped two fingers inside her. She came quickly then, her hips thrusting up and down urgently. She came again when she knelt over me and again in the 69 position.
She then made me lay back as she pleasured me with her tongue and mouth. She proved to have a very good technique. It wasnt too long before i came in her warm mouth. She expertly retained the seed in her mouth without spilling so much as a drop and then dashed off to the bathroom to dispose of it.
Knowing how much she had enjoyed me giving her oral, I went down on her again. It took a while longer for her to orgasm this time and I felt she was spent.
We ended up in the missionary position kissing passionately as i thrust hard in her soaking pussy. Then I was spent.
As we parted I think we were both sure we would meet again. Unfortunately it wasnt to be the case. It was Christmas soon after. I phoned Helen a few day before and could immediately tell she was upset. Her ex was taking their teenage daughter to Cornwall For Christmas and she was going to be alone. I felt useless knowing that there was nothing I could do to help.
In the new year Helen had changed. She had resolved never again to be alone and bereft as she had been that week. She apologised but said she needed to find a permanent partner. That was probably what she had always needed but I was a thrilling diversion with no strings. I wished her well and we ended contact.
It was some months before I started looking for anyone else. Work was busy and there were a few family problems which made it difficult.
Suffice to say I did start looking again. This time on a different site but I will tell more next time.

Friday, 8 January 2010

An Eye Opener

I joined a site that looked promising, filled in my profile and waited for the messages to appear in my inbox. Nothing. I waited a little longer. Nothing.
It soon dawned on me that the women on these sites were hugely outnumbered by the men. There was probably one woman for every ten males. Not good odds for a fifty year old competing with many younger, fitter, single guys all after some action.
I managed to get chatting with one or two women but nothing was very promising. Disappointed, I decided I wouldnt be renewing my membership when it lapsed in a few days. Then I got chatting to Lynne. Just friendly stuff at first discussing work and interests etc but then it became flirty, then sexy, then steamy and eventually downright filthy. I had never had a conversation like it. She said things that my wife would never, could never dream of even thinking. We were both really turned on that first time of chatting and this was repeated a number of times before we resolved to meet for coffee and see how we got on face to face. She was single, having split with her partner a year or so earlier. She knew i was married. Thats something I always make clear on my profile. She said it didnt bother her as she wasnt looking for commitment, just friendly fun.
I have to be honest here and say that Lynne wasnt particularly attractive. She had a nice personality though which, for me, is more important than looks and we got on well over coffee. After about half an hour or so of idle, meaningless chat in an atmosphere of obvious sexual tension we stared at each other in silence until Lynne said "Lets go back to my place". She didnt have to ask twice.
We drove to her flat nearby. Once inside we leapt on each other, kissing passionately, groping, panting with lust. She led me into the bedroom and started undressing. I followed suit. We kissed again and collapsed onto the bed. The groping recommenced but this time unhindered by clothing. I ran my hands over her body as i kissed her ample breasts and sucked her nipples. When my hand slid between her legs she moaned. I slipped a couple of fingers between her lips. she was soaking. As soon as i touched her swollen bud i could tell she was near orgasm so I massaged the spot until she cried out and shuddered with pleasure. I doubt it took more than ten seconds she was so aroused. She also proved to have quite an appetite. We lost count of the number of orgasms she had. She kindly complimented me on my digital and oral skills and left me in no doubt that she was impressed.This was a huge boost to my confidence. I had been worried i might be a disappointment with my lack of experience. After coming for probably the eighth or ninth time she made me lay back as she pleasured me. I had never had a woman give me oral sex before. This was out of the question as far as my wife was concerned. At very best she would take me briefly into her mouth when feeling generous, knowing how much i craved it but it would last for only a few seconds.
It could not have been more different with Lynne. She kissed, licked, teased and devoured my throbbing length with relish. As i looked at her slurping hungrily on my shaft i was in utter bliss. I held on for as long as possible, desperate to savour the experience for as long as possible but before long i gave in and i exploded in her mouth, moaning and groaning as she greedily swallowed every drop i had in me.
She could tell i was pleased by the stupid, inane grin on my face as i lay there in a dream.
We chatted over a cup of tea about how much we had enjoyed it. Then she said she wanted to show me something and produced her rabbit vibrator. She lay back on the bed and proceeded to use it on herself as i watched in amazement. After a couple of minutes she came for me and smiled when i thanked her. Two minutes later and my face was buried in her pussy, my tongue thrust inside her, then rasping against her swollen clit, then sucking the bud into my mouth. She came violently. The air turned blue as she effed and blinded as she pulled my head down into her soaking pussy. I thought i might suffocate!
When she had recovered a little I fucked her from behind. Incredibly we both came at the same time.
That was it. We were both completely spent. We dressed and went into her living room. It was only then that I noticed what a tip the place was. The bedroom was, i had noticed, rather untidy with clothes strewn all over the place but lust and the drawn curtains had veiled the true extent of scruffiness. In the cold light of day the flat looked as if a tornado had just gone through it. Perhaps, i thought, dirty mind = dirty home. I didnt let it bother me too much. After all, i had just done things with this woman that i had previously only dreamed of. After coffee and a chat I headed off home. I had mixed feelings now.On the one hand I had just had amazing sex with an eager, unhibited partner which was exhilarating. On the other, I had just been unfaithful to my wife after thirty years of fidelity. It also occured to me that my life was going to be different from now on.