Friday, 30 April 2010

Music Man

Its been a hectic week. Last week of the month and trying to complete as much as possible to keep turnover at a decent level.
The trouble with this time of year is that there is a bank holiday every other week. nice to have time off but crap for business.

So here we are at another long weekend. This one I am looking forward to though.
Theres a big celebration of live music in my hometown tomorrow (Saturday).

I'm a big fan of live music, especially in small venues and am a big suppporter of local bands. you can keep your big divas in big arenas thanks. Put me in a pub with a few guys who know how to rock plus copious amounts of ale and I am in my element.

Tomorrow there are loads of bands in loads of boozers all in the town centre. The fun starts at midday and ends in the early hours of sunday.

And I am going to get totally pissed!!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend as much as I intend to.

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