Friday, 9 April 2010

That Friday Feeling

Ok. I admit that I'm a bit of an old duffer compared to some of you out there but I was really confused yesterday having read a couple of blogs with mildly provocative photos accompanied by the letters HNT.

I thought it must be a reference to some kind of hormone therapy but that didnt really seem right and after racking my brains for a whole 45 seconds I mailed Doris to ask her if she knew what it meant. Apparently its some strange phenomenon over in the States called Half Nekked Thursday???? (yeah i know).

I'm sharing this info in case there are any more confused geriatrics like me out there who are wondering if they are missing out on something.

To our friends over the pond I can reveal the closest thing we have to HNT is "Tits out for the lads" which is always a possibility on a Friday night in town. Like a poor mans Mardi Gras I suppose.

I was also looking at all these blogs I follow. Most of them are very well produced with photos and stuff and I got to thinking maybe I should get some professionalism into my rather basic blog.

And then I thought "Bollocks. I cant be arsed" so you'll all just have to put up with it as it is.

I hope you all have a good weekend and if youre out tonight dont forget "Tits out for the lads". After all, you might make an old man happy. Well this old man anyway.
Personally I intend to get totally bladdered.

Have fun everyone.


  1. LOL!! That's such an hilarious post. You must frequent some strange places Anton. Keep up the observations!

  2. I don't spend too much time on the look of my blog. I used the default templates available and that's it. Why spend time on something that might be bound to disappear overnight?!

    As for HNT, some post pics just because they like the attention they get and the nice comments... like myself - I'm an attention whore, LOL. Just kidding!

    My only complaint about HNT day is that not enough men do it. And that is a sad observation... ;-)

  3. I have too much care and respect for humanity to make them suffer the image of my half naked body. Dont get me wrong, I'm an absolute Adonis (I can almost hear Doris' howls of laughter from 30 miles away) but I'm just not photogenic.

  4. "Confused geriatrics like me" Haha!

    I am in the States, far from geriatric and still had no idea what HNT meant. So, thanks for letting us know!

  5. Does Doris know something yhou're not letting on about?

  6. What do you mean Leah? That I'm pig ugly and have a flabby middle-aged body and a small dick? Surely you all knew that. You didnt?