Thursday, 25 March 2010

and then....

Michelle went into the bathroom as soon as we entered the room. I relaxed as best I could and sat at the desk and waited. We had discussed a storyline over the last few weeks so there was a loose script to follow.

The scenario was that Michelle had been sent to the headmaster by her teacher as her work had become sub-standard and it was thought that she was being too easily distracted by her new found interest in boys who gave her a lot of attention.

There was a knock on the bathroom door. That was our cue.

"Come in... Ah Michelle. We need to have a chat about your work."

Michelle looked amazing. Tiny short skirt, fishnets, tight white blouse with her huge tits straining to get out, a loosely tied tie, slutty make-up and her hair in bunches. Straight out of St. Trinians.

I started to lecture her about her work and attitude and mentioned that her teacher thought she showed too much interest in boys. She replied in a wonderfully petulant teenage whine that her teacher was a jealous cow and that it was the boys who were interested in her, not the other way round. She wasnt interested in boys, she wanted a man.
I was sitting and she stood. She came up to me and thrust her magnificent cleavage inches from my face and said. "...and youre the man I want."

I struggled briefly to keep to the script having an overwhelming urge to just jump on the girl but I composed myself and as agreed, feined shock and horror at her advances. After some seduction on her part and protestation on mine I eventually told her that if she was totally serious I might make her my "special pupil" and give her some extra-curricular lessons.

First, however, she must be punished for her behaviour. I made her bend over the desk, yanked down her panties and gave her a good hard spanking. She loved it. She was very submissive and loved being treated badly. I told her to strip and tied her hands behind her back with her school tie, then made her kneel and fellate me. She was very skilled at this and I had her sucking me at every opportunity as oral is a particular favourite of mine.

From thereon the whole thing was just a mind boggling lust fest. We did everything imaginable in those 2 or 3 hours together. She enjoyed being punished, begging me to spank her ass, tits, clit even. When she came she was very vocal, letting out a high pitched squeal which could probably be heard in the hotel reception. I did find a way of muffling the sound though. I'll let you use your imaginations on how.

The most vivid memory for was of me fucking her doggy style, pulling her hair and calling her every filthy name I could think of as she squealed away with abandon.

After we were spent we laid for some time cuddling and kissing and making small talk.

Driving home later, I could hardly concentrate on the road as images of that afternoon flashed through my head. It had been truly amazing. My first time in roleplay and the kinkiest girl I had ever met.

Monday, 1 March 2010


Just to say sorry to all(3) of my devoted followers for not having posted anything for some time and especially for keeping you waiting for the sordid details of my encounter with Michelle.
Theres a lot going on in my life at the moment and I simply havent had time to do this. Please be patient.