Friday, 30 April 2010

Music Man

Its been a hectic week. Last week of the month and trying to complete as much as possible to keep turnover at a decent level.
The trouble with this time of year is that there is a bank holiday every other week. nice to have time off but crap for business.

So here we are at another long weekend. This one I am looking forward to though.
Theres a big celebration of live music in my hometown tomorrow (Saturday).

I'm a big fan of live music, especially in small venues and am a big suppporter of local bands. you can keep your big divas in big arenas thanks. Put me in a pub with a few guys who know how to rock plus copious amounts of ale and I am in my element.

Tomorrow there are loads of bands in loads of boozers all in the town centre. The fun starts at midday and ends in the early hours of sunday.

And I am going to get totally pissed!!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend as much as I intend to.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Let Down

Well Topless Tuesday was a complete flop with no enthusiasm from anyone. Perhaps todays scheduled activities should be cancelled due to lack of interest or inspiration. I cant say the rest of the week looks too bright either.
To think I bared my body for you all as well. Shame on you.

On a happier note (for me anyway) I'm off to a party on Saturday. You lot arent invited. Not after that lacklustre response.
No. I'm sorry. You had your chance. I'm going on my own now. You should have thought of that earlier. I shall have a great time, sinking countless Bacardi and Tizers and flirting outrageously with all the women before staggering home in the wee small hours.
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Topless Tuesday

Welcome one and all to our new global phenomenon- TOPLESS TUESDAY!!! (fanfare)
Ive decided to get the ball rolling with a cheeky glimpse of my left nipple.
The guys at work are all wondering why I lifted my shirt up and took a photo with my phone. The customer who walked in also seemed surprised.
Lets get this thing going folks.
If you think this is ott tomorrow should be pretty interesting.

Monday, 12 April 2010

HNT. The sequel

Its nice to have cleared up the HNT thing and am feeling quite chuffed that one of our friends in the States didnt know what it meant either as I'm usually the last person to find out about anything.
To be honest though, half naked Thursday is a bit of a copout.
How about Topless Tuesday? Its more exciting and it comes before Thursday too.

Remember you read it here first. Tits out for the lads(and lasses) every Tuesday.
Weekdays have never been such fun.Come to think of it, why not have fun all week?
Muff Monday
Topless Tuesday
Wankers Wednesday (theres a football fact there as well)
HNT (that sounds quite drab now)
Full frontal Friday.

Thats the weekdays sorted. We can make our own entertainment at the weekend.
Enjoy everyone.

Friday, 9 April 2010

That Friday Feeling

Ok. I admit that I'm a bit of an old duffer compared to some of you out there but I was really confused yesterday having read a couple of blogs with mildly provocative photos accompanied by the letters HNT.

I thought it must be a reference to some kind of hormone therapy but that didnt really seem right and after racking my brains for a whole 45 seconds I mailed Doris to ask her if she knew what it meant. Apparently its some strange phenomenon over in the States called Half Nekked Thursday???? (yeah i know).

I'm sharing this info in case there are any more confused geriatrics like me out there who are wondering if they are missing out on something.

To our friends over the pond I can reveal the closest thing we have to HNT is "Tits out for the lads" which is always a possibility on a Friday night in town. Like a poor mans Mardi Gras I suppose.

I was also looking at all these blogs I follow. Most of them are very well produced with photos and stuff and I got to thinking maybe I should get some professionalism into my rather basic blog.

And then I thought "Bollocks. I cant be arsed" so you'll all just have to put up with it as it is.

I hope you all have a good weekend and if youre out tonight dont forget "Tits out for the lads". After all, you might make an old man happy. Well this old man anyway.
Personally I intend to get totally bladdered.

Have fun everyone.

Monday, 5 April 2010


I now have 10 followers. Double figures!!
Thanks to you all.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

An Unexpected Bonus

One thing I didnt expect to find when I joined IE was a platonic female friend.

I started chatting to Doris (obviously not her real name and she will wring my sorry neck if she reads this) about a year ago. We got on famously and made each other laugh. There wasnt a spark sexually though but we carried on chatting and became good friends.

We have met a few times for coffee and a chat and email or text each other most days. Doris is a great listener and is invaluable as someone I can talk openly to about my extra marital affairs. She has given me some useful advice regarding the workings of the female psyche and I have returned the favour by explaining how men think and why a lot of them appear to be thoughtless, selfish, insensitive pigs.
The answer of course is that a lot of them ARE thoughtless, selfish, insensitive pigs but it needed a man to explain it.

Anyway, she has become a true friend and confidante. Its so good to know that we can discuss our secrets with someone who will give solid advice.
Thanks Doris. xx

Saturday, 3 April 2010

liar liar

My venerated fellow blogger, Blog on the Land, commented in his latest entry about many profiles on IE being hypocritical by claiming to be honest, trustworthy etc or looking for someone with those attributes.

This merely touches on a wide range of similar things I have noted whilst on the site. I cant really comment much on mens profiles as I am not inclined to read them but I have perused a lot of ladies' profiles and see a lot of similarities between them.

As my mate Blog noted, many women seek someone who is honest. Well excuse me but look at the site then take a look in the mirror.
Running closely alongside and probably even more prolific is the claim "I am not looking for a one night stand, just one special person to spend special times with"
Yeah.Right. Ok, when you first joined the site having made the decision to actively seek an extra marital relationship your fantasy was to have a lover who would be the opposite of your spouse. Someone attentive, sensual, caring etc. After a short time, however, your inbox was full of messages from would be suitors. Why have one when you can have them all? How would you know which was right without meeting them all first?

The thing is that its ok to do that. Its natural. Its what men do too. Its just a bit galling when somebody tries to take the moral high ground whilst cheating and lying themselves. It also means we all have to play these silly games pretending that we dont have contact with anyone else when getting to know each other. You'd think we were all teenagers rather than mature adults.
There are very few profiles which admit that they are being neglected by their partners and need a good shag.

Wow! two rants in as many days! Thats what bank holiday weekends do to a man.

Happy Easter by the way.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Officer Anton

It was quite a while before Michelle and I got together again. It was an hour and a quarter's drive to her neck of the woods. She didnt drive so we couldnt meet half way. With us both working it made things difficult too. We were in touch daily however and this is something that a lot of men would do well to make a note of.

Some of you guys out there have a tendency to lose interest once youve made a conquest. You're keen, attentive and charming with the ladies at first. Having bedded them, however, you completely ignore them. Youve got yourself laid, eased your frustrations and although you want to meet again sometime for a repeat performance you cease contact. You brainless fuckwits! Bet you wonder why, when you get in touch again weeks later, they tell you to go fuck yourself cos you certainly arent getting anything from them.

Most women like to feel wanted. A simple text saying "Hi. Thinking about you xxx" makes her feel good about herself. Desirable. Attractive. When you want to meet again she is raring to go. A simple text or email takes no effort really so get your acts together.

If you stop contacting her immediately after having had sex it makes her feel used, unwanted and cheap. Show some respect. God knows they deserve it if youve had a good time together. They deserve it anyway. I text and email my female acquaintances on a daily basis. Not in a cynical, manipulative way but because i do care about them and how they feel. It takes seconds to send a text but it can do a lot for you both. I know I love to receive texts from my girlfriends. It makes me feel wanted too.

Of course, if you cant be bothered to make the effort it gives guys like me a better chance so who am I to complain?

More about Michelle and our antics next time.